Archery Club Welcome

Welcome to Archery Club
I am the coach for the Timpanogos Archery Club.  I would love to have you in our club.  We meet on Tues and Thurs throughout the year from 7 am to 8 am in the morning.  This time helps with after school activities as well as lets those participating in choir, orchestra, and student government make it to their activities.  We ask for a $5 to $10 donation fee to help with the cost of arrows, bows, targets, and maintenance at the school.  We are so glad for your excitement to start.  We will begin September 23 at 7 am with a training all of those who want to participate.  Parents are welcome to come and watch the training to understand what we do. You have to come to the training in order to participate, even if you were part of the program last year.  Since we only have a few coaches it is vital that we train everyone at this time.  After the first few weeks no other students will be permitted to join if they have not been to the training.
State archery competition will be around the second week in February.  We placed 1st in the elementary division last year. 


Jared Hendry

Archery Coach

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