Physical Education Disclosure Statement

Timpanogos Intermediate School

Open Disclosure Statement


Teachers:              Jared Hendry and Tasha Peacock



Course Objectives:

Skills and activities will be based on the core curriculum from the Utah State Office of Education.

Learning Activities:

Sport based curriculum and lifetime fitness special activities.

Dressing and Shoes:

Students need to have athletic shoes and clothing that will enable participation in physical activities.  Please do not wear a dress or skirt unless shorts are worn under the dress. Flip flops, sandals, shoes with heels, open toed shoes, or any other type of shoe that could cause an injury should not be worn in P.E.  Students will be marked down in their total points and citizenship for the day if they are worn to P.E.


Daily Points

  • Participation                                                       20 points                            
  • Pacer and Fitness Testing                                   100 points
  • Swimming                                                          50 points            

Citizenship Points

  • Each student will start out with 100 points of citizenship.  Deduction of points will be according to not following classroom, school, and district rules.

Excuse Notes

  • A doctor’s note must accompany a child in order for the student to be excused from participation. PE is part of the required curriculum and will be addressed with the same vigor as mathematics or science. We are flexible and willing to work with a student coming off an illness but please do not try to excuse your child because they do not want to participate that day.  We will not excuse them. If they are starting to get ill please keep your student at home.  We do not want to catch what they might be getting.

Make up work:

  • To make up points missed for excused absences, students will need to participate in 45 minutes of physical activity outside of the classroom and outside of their house. A summary must be written and emailed to their p.e. teacher. This must be completed by the end of the term.

Pacer and Fitness Testing

  • Each student will be running the Pacer Test and completing fitness testing each term.  It is required by the state and is a big part of each student’s grade.  Students that do not participate in these activities will not pass P.E.


  • The school district swimming pool is located at Timpanogos.  We will have each student swimming for seven weeks during the year.  Each student will receive participation points for swimming.  Students will be required to bring a swimming suit and a towel on the day they go swimming.  Goggles, shampoo, and other items are not required but students may bring them.  If a student does not have a swimsuit one will be provided. 


  • These are permitted in school and if your child is using an inhaler it is highly recommended they bring it to P.E.


  • If your student needs to bring a juice box or a treat to get their insulin up they are welcome to bring it to class.  Please make sure they are following their doctor’s advice.

Students with disabilities:

  • Students with disabilities are required to participate unless their disability does not make them able to participate.

Rules: Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Prepared

"__________________Turn in bottom part to Physical Education Teacher for 50 points____________________"



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