April 12, 2016

Community Council Minutes

April 12, 2016

Present: DeAnna Lloyd, Diane Glenn, Richard Goates, Lorrie Gines, Monica Cox, Serena Hayes, Carolyn Owens, Jackie Bluth, Jill Winterrose

Absent: Travis Weber, Jeremy Hales

  1. Welcome and Approval of Minutes
    1. Diane Glenn welcomed everyone and led members in the Pledge of Allegiance. 
    2. Minutes were provided to members prior to the meeting. Serena Hayes made the motion to accept the minutes; Lorie Gines seconded the motion with all members present voting yes.

  2. Review and Approval of 2016-17 Schoolland Trust Plan
    1. DeAnna Lloyd provided a copy of the School Land Trust Plan to all members. Richard Goates asked if there were any guidelines on how any additional monies could be spent if the Legislature allocated it. DeAnna responded that we need school board approval if it is more than a 10% increase. Members discussed possible uses of the monies as classroom libraries, science materials and classroom size requiring additional teachers. Serena Hayes motioned to approve the School Land Trust Plan and Richard Goates seconded the motion. Diane asked for a vote and all 8 members present voted to approve the plan.

  3. Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy
    1. Members were given a copy of the policy. It was suggested that a link to the schoolwide academic data could be added to the website. Richard Goates made the motion to accept the policy with Jackie Bluth and Carolyn Owens seconding the motion. The voting was unanimous.