What's Happening-March 13, 2020

dr. Seuss

The Kindergarten classes at Old Mill Elementary participated in Literacy Month.  They played Literacy Bingo each week and read every day in a creative style.  The Kindergartners read with stuffed animal friends, to a family member, and under a blanket with a flashlight.  At school, each class earned a “Bingo Blackout” by reading and writing stories together and doing other literacy activities.  All the classes ended the month with read-a-thon.   

The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1,2,3, and so on, came to visit on Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  The day was filled with reading books by Dr. Seuss, practicing rhymes, playing games, and eating fun snacks.  A Seuss-tastic day was had by all!   

Finally, the brilliant Kindergartners showed off their knowledge and skills for their parents at student-led conferences.  Their teachers and parents were impressed with all they could do and by how much they’ve grown. 

The third term ends on Thursday.  Reminder there is no school on March 20th.  This is a professional day for the teachers.