What's Happening-May 31, 2019


As a going away present, on Wednesday of last week, the Student Council arranged for a special speaker to come and speak.  John Bytheway, an amazing motivational speaker, came and spoke to the 4th and 5th grade students and reminded them that they are in charge of what gets placed in their "backpacks".
 He shared an experience of when he was a scout and went on a backpacking trip. One of his fellow scouts had a really, really, hard time making it up the mountain and it took them an extra long time to get to their destination as they continually stopped and waited for him. When they got to the top of the mountain, this scout unloaded his pack and took out many items that were extremely heavy, and not necessary.
 John Bytheway likened this to each one of us keeping unnecessary items, such as discouragement, self doubt, and harmful behaviors out of our backpacks to make our journey easier. He really helped us to think about the positive impact that each one of us can have on each other and in the world. A huge thank you to our 5th grade Student Council students for earning the money through their jerky sales fund raiser to bring John Bytheway to our school.
This was a great way to finish out the a fantastic year at Old Mill Elementary.  We look forward to seeing all our Old Mill Owls in the fall.