What's Happening-May 17, 2019

2nd grade flowers  . 

This week at Old Mill students have been learning techniques for using chalk pastels to help get ready for the Chalk Drawing Festival.  Old Mill will be having a chalk drawing festival on Tuesday, May 28 from 9am to 3pm.  Each teacher has signed up for a time to come outside and draw with their class.  Parents are welcome to come join in the fun with their students. Thanks to our Beverly Taylor Sorenson (BTS) art teacher, Liz Brown for organizing this!  We look forward to having a fun time creating beautiful sidewalks the day after Memorial Day!


Other news in Art:

A huge thank you to the Heber Valley Arts Council for their donation to Old Mill.  Our second and fifth grade students were able to create with clay they purchased.  The second graders made flower bowls to celebrate Spring.  The fifth graders made pinch pot animals. 


Third graders reviewed what they had learned about the phases of the moon in an art project with our BTS Art teacher, Liz Brown.  They learned about an artist, developed some drawing skills in perspective, explored liquid water colors to paint their landscapes.  They used bubble art to create “moon paper” to add the phases of the moon to their landscape.  Third graders studied the art of Eric Carle and created collages of animals or creatures inspired by his art.

First graders did an abstract art work after learning about Piet Mondrian.  They used tens and one in their art.  All students had a secret number hidden in their art work from their tens and ones.  Student had a lot of fun counting each other’s secret numbers!


Fourth graders were studying habitats and got to draw animals using pictures or their imagination.  They created environments for their animals as well.  They did an amazing job and were so proud of themselves!


Fifth graders have been working on a printmaking project.  After making a printing plate they used brayers and printing ink to make multiple prints of the image they created.  Kids had fun learning about the process.  To finish they created altered prints and wrote about their images!  Such happy faces printing!