What's Happening-May 10, 2019

bean museum  . 

First grade students had the opportunity to visit the Bean Museum at BYU last Monday. They participated in a class where they learned about how scientist classify animals. Not only were they able to group animals, but also see some live animals. They were able to see a tarantula close up and personal. The museum worker let the tarantula crawl all over her hands while students looked at him. They learned that tarantulas can live up to 15-30 years! Wow!  Students were also able to see and touch a turtle. He was not shy and held his head proudly while all the student pet him. Students, parent volunteers, and teachers had a very good time!

Teachers at OME were spoiled by our amazing PTA this last week. Not only with Disney themed lunches, snacks and treats but raffle prizes too. All of our teachers felt the love