What's Happening--May 3, 2019


Old Mill owls have been working  hard this year to learn and master new concepts.  To celebrate this learning the week of April 22-26 was Growth Mindset Week.  Each day of the week was themed around always thinking positive and doing your best.  It was fun to wear our pajamas to school and also our  favorite team jersey as we were reminded that it is important to be part of the team and not sweat the tests we had coming up.  Students  are currently taking end of year assessments where they have a chance to show what they have learned.  It is a very exciting time to celebrate all the hard work and growth that has taken place this year.


Not only do Old Mill students work hard to improve their academic knowledge they also have opportunities to practice social interactions.  The second graders have been practicing their cooperative skills in physical education.  They had the challenge of keeping a beach ball up in the air and getting it back and forth over the net for the most consecutive number of times.  Mrs. Fife's class were the champions with 27 volleys back and forth over the net before we let it hit the ground.  Way to work together class!

Picture captions

Growth Mind Set week was celebrated by students dressing up in variety of ways.  Fifth grade students show off their nerdy looks.

Second grade students all dressed in their sweats to remind them their is no reason to sweat end of year assessments.