What's Happening-March 29, 2019

art photo

Art education offers opportunities for students to grow in many different ways and Old Mill is very fortunate to have  an excellent art and music program.   Students have the opportunity each week to attend these classes. 

 This past week the music classes, taught by Shelli Gladwin, enjoyed over 300 talent performances. Talents ranged from dance routines to cello, piano, violin and vocal performances just to name a few.  To give the young 1st grade classes an opportunity to start performing, they experimented with many different instruments while playing in front of their classmates and parents. Mrs Gladwin is seeing growth in all the grades as they are developing as musicians and performers. 

Third graders have been creating Geodes in art class for the past month.  They have learned about color, space and form to create  beautiful gems. Students used watercolor to blend each layer of their geodes and then finished up with markers and glitter to create their masterpieces. Mrs. Mickelson, the art teacher, was beyond proud of how creative these kids were.

Old Mill Elementary thanks Mrs. Gladwin and Mrs. Mickelson for providing such quality art experiences for our students.