What's Happening-February 1, 2019

On February 1, 2019, the first graders at Old Mill Elementary celebrated the 100th Day of School in style! They celebrated 100 days of learning with crowns stating, “_____is 100 days smarter!” They wrote about having 100 dollars, doing 100 things, eating 100 things, and having 100 things. The first graders wrote a response to the prompt: Would you rather be 100 years old or have $100? They had to write in complete sentences and share their opinion and the reasons for their opinion. They counted many times to 100 using a variety of counting strategies – grouping by 5’s, grouping by 10’s, using tally marks, and rote counting. Some students and teachers dressed up like they were 100 years old and others made cameos of what they will look like when they are 100 years old. They even had 100 snacks!

The most exciting part of the 100th day of school was doing the 100 trade. First students bring in 100 objects small enough to fit in a Ziploc bag. Then they counted to be sure they really had 100. Next we opened our doors and flooded into the hallway. The students (and some teachers) traded to take home 100 different things. They did 1 for 1 trades, 5 for 5 trades, and everything in between. It was the best kind of chaos as they got to practice greeting skills, counting, comparing, and being kind.

Happy 100th Day of School from Old Mill’s 1st Grade!

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