Lt. Gov Cox Visits Wasatch CAPS (KPCW Radio - Sept. 25, 2018)

Nearly 100 students at Wasatch High participate in the Wasatch CAPS program. The students recently heard from Utah’s Lt. Governor who spoke with them about collaboration.


CAPS stands for the Wasatch Center for Advanced Professional Studies. The program is in its third year. Wasatch CAPS director Weston Broadbent explains what the program does.


“What it is is just helping students get real world experience with real projects that they’re working on.” Broadbent continues, “We have five different groups; there’s business, engineering, digital design, agriculture and health. Each one focuses on a different segment of the industry. Our business students will be helping a start-up company with their marketing and social media. Our ag. kids might be helping with raising chukars and releasing them out on the Wallsburg Management Unit. In each group, two to three students will meet with a real-life client for a couple of days or maybe once every two weeks and get it all set up. The goal is that we give them the skills they need in the real world, while they’re getting this education.”


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