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Drew Camps-Wofford Named WHS's Kati Fischer Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Drew Camps-Wofford is Wasatch High School’s Kati Fischer Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year. 


Mrs. Camps-Wofford is an excellent teacher and colleague.  She has been exemplary in her contributions both during the school day and after school, working as an athletics coach and student government advisor. 


Mrs. Camps-Wofford is knowledgeable in her field and makes her content relatable to her students. Each learner will find the content studied in her classes relevant to their experiences. Most importantly, Mrs. Camps-Wofford recognizes each student.  Her caring, fun personality makes her the perfect fit for her current teaching assignment.


Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Camps-Wofford as this year’s WHS Teacher of the Year.