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Wasatch High Student Named as Finalist in Senate Visual Arts Scholarship Competition

Bonneville Salt Flats Wasatch High School student, Austin Moody, has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Senate Visual Arts Scholarship Competition. Austin’s artwork, “Bonneville Salt Flats,” was one of just 21 pieces selected from 184 entries. He will receive his award from his representative on the floor of the Senate Chamber on Thursday morning, Feb. 21. Senate President, Stuart Adams, will reveal each student's placement during the awards ceremony (unless his office chooses to notify the students earlier). 

The 2019 Utah State Senate Visual Arts Scholarship Competition is sponsored by Sen. Adams and the Utah State Senate in an effort to challenge Utah students to view the world artistically and express their creativity. Through the competition, the Utah Senate will reward outstanding students with scholarships to support their college and career goals. This year’s theme was “Inspired Utah,” which encouraged students to explore the people, cultures, communities, landscape, and all that inspires them as residents of Utah. The competition is administered by Utah Arts & Museums.