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WHS Marching Band Finishes Season on a High Note

Band practice Marching Band has had quite a season. Over the last few years, our program has grown from 23 students to 59 this year involved in the marching band. We have been competing in the 1A and 2A divisions and have been doing better every year. As of this year though, the classifications for the groups have changed. Previous years were based on band size. Now it is based on school size. This is our first year to compete in the 5A division. In that category, we were listed as a scholastics group (meaning smaller 5A) and over the regular season competed with 11 bands. During the regular season, we managed to win two first place percussion caption awards and two third and one-second place trophy for overall competition placement. At state, we had to go up against 18 total 5A bands. Even at state competition, our band managed to be 8th place. Our percussion took 2nd place just two-tenths of a point behind Farmington High School.  
Marching band at dawn Our show this year was all original music written by John Mathews (Copper Hills Band Director), and Jacob Bradshaw (Percussion Music). Our show was based on the real story of the merchant ship named the "George Galley." On a voyage north of Great Brittain, a mutiny ensued and the crew turned to piracy. Our show takes us from the merchant ship beginnings, to piracy and plundering, and to a final showdown with the Royal Navy.
Also, if you didn't know, the educational value of the marching band is huge. These kids have to memorize over 10 minutes of music involving 80+ drill movements, and all usually involving added visuals. They have to combine all these things together and still find a Marching band on field way to be musically and visually expressive to the music's content, a very demanding level of literacy (kinda like patting your head, rubbing your stomach, while doing a cartwheel, and doing it expressively at the same time). To compound the situation they have to move all equipment, props, and themselves with the timing of a military offensive at our competitions to avoid penalties for being late to our scheduled warm-ups, gate arrival, field entry, and field exit. They are excelling at a very high level and I couldn't be prouder of how they represented themselves and Wasatch this season.
John G, Ryszka, WHS Director of Bands