Mrs. Davis

    August 1, 2017


    Dear Parents and Students;

                    I would like to welcome you and your child to third grade. I am anticipating an exciting and productive year. Together, we will create a safe classroom environment supported by acceptance, trust, and respect. When trust and respect are basic rights in a classroom, students are provided opportunities to learn the life skills of discipline, honesty, and good citizenship. These skills will help us develop a community, which supports the learning of all students. Our class will promote an attitude that everyone is valuable and will be treated with respect. 

                    I will be following the Love and Logic model of classroom discipline. The basic principles are:

                    1.   Build the Self-Concept: Help children feel good about themselves.

                    2. Share the Control: Give children choices that do not cause   problems for others.

                    3. Provide the Empathy: Provide a strong dose of empathy before   delivering consequences.

                    4. Share the Thinking: Allow the child to think and solve their own   problems.

                    On the first day of school, the students and I will create three to five reasonable classroom rules that will reflect kindness, patience, helpfulness, and honesty. The cooperative effort used to make the rules will be the beginning of our feeling of community. As your child’s teacher, I will model respect and trust. Each child will be treated with kindness, patience, and consideration. I will be consistent with my expectations and the rules the class develops.

                    We will use cooperative learning in our classroom. Cooperative learning is a method of organizing learning. Small groups of learners study together, tutor each other, and support the learning of others. The groups will change depending on the needs of the children in the group. The activities are fun, interesting, energizing, and they provide challenges. Through this style of learning, your child will develop a faith in their ability to be successful.

                    Parents are welcome and encouraged to join in our learning. If you have any time to volunteer or to share your talents, please feel free to contact me and share your ideas. To help me be the best teacher for your child, please contact me about any concerns you may have about our class or your child’s specific learning styles. I am here to support you and your child. Our communication is key to the students’ achievements in school.

                   I am looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable year. Working together we will be able to provide an enriching learning experience.




    Mrs. Laura Davis


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