• SSO News Release 21-22

    NSLP News release 21-22

    To apply electronically, log into your parent account in the SIS (Student Information System). Choose one of your students, and you'll find a link on the right side of the page to fill out a Free & Reduced form. If you don't have a parent account, sign up for one then fill out Free & Reduced form.

    FREE: No Cost
    REDUCED: Breakfast .30  Lunch .40 
    Since 1946, the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) has made it possible for schools throughout the nation to serve wholesome lunches to children to help meet their nutritional needs. These lunches make a vital contribution to children's mental and physical development. 

    School lunch programs help students by:

    1. Making healthy eating choices available. In recent years, recipes have been modified to reduce the fat, salt, and sugar content of school lunches.Items purchased are reviewed and, where possible, selected to improve the nutritional quality of the meals.

    2. Reinforcing classroom instruction by using the meals and dining areas as learning laboratories. Students now have more menu choices, including entrees,vegetables, fruits, and alternatives such as salad, potato, and pastabars.

    3. Promoting nutrition as part of a comprehensive healthy lifestyle. By increasing awareness of the federal "Dietary Guidelines for Americans," the program promotes health and helps reduce the risk of chronic disease.

    All lunches must meet the nutritional requirements outlined in the "Healthy Hungry Free Kids Act" Developed by the Institute of Medicine and the USDA. New Guidelines are designed to meet the USDA food guide for healthy Americans.The NSLP is designed to reach all school children in the United States . Free and reduced price lunches are available for children who meet certain simple criteria. Local schools have information about eligibility and applications to receive these benefits.

    USDA Program Fact Sheet
    USDA Program Facts