Wasatch County School District Statement of Purpose:

    The responsibility and purpose of the Wasatch County Schools is to help each student develop to his/her fullest potential.

    To achieve this, the schools must teach thoroughly the fundamental skills of reading, writing, and mathematics, teach students to think independently and clearly, and educate them in a sound body of knowledge which will help prepare them for the responsibilities of living in a democracy.

    The Board of Education is mindful that public schools have long undertaken other tasks to the extent that its primary functions are not weakened. The school system will strive to assist in the development of character and citizenship, of health and safety, and proper recreational and cultural interests. The schools shall require discipline and hard work, and will attempt to inspire a desire to learn which will carry beyond all formal education.

    Public schools have an equal responsibility to all students, and an obligation to help each student develop to his/her fullest capacity. The Board recognizes the vital importance of quality in education, and the achievement of excellence in all subjects taught shall be a prime objective.

    In order to accomplish these aims, the Board of Education strives to obtain and keep the most competent teaching and administrative staff obtainable: to provide, with the assistance of the community, facilities which will meet the growth needs of the system; to work closely with the community in keeping the public informed of the program of the schools and the needs of the system, and to formulate and carry out in co-operation with the school staff the educational policies and standards will be necessary to achieve these goals.

    ELL Purpose
    • Provide equitable and appropriate education in a nurturing and accepting environment;
    • Provide English language development instruction that is based on current research or accepted theory;
    • Foster acknowledgment and appreciation for diversity in languages and cultures;
    • Advocate for community responsibility and involvement.


    ELL Beliefs

    We believe that:

    • English proficiency is essential for success in our society.
    • The unique attributes of students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds need to be appreciated and valued.
    • Each ELL/LEP* student is entitled to equal access to all educational programs and curricula.
    • The entire educational community shares responsibility for the academic and social achievement of ELL/LEP* students.

     * English Language Learner/Limited English Proficient

Last Modified on October 18, 2019