• History of WCSD Dual Immersion

    The dual language immersion Spanish program started in the 2009-2010 school year and it is supported by the State of Utah, through Senate Bill 41 passed in 2008. This bill provides funding soley for the purpose of Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs. 

    The first cohort of students entered the program in 2009 at Heber Valley Elementary School using the two-way program.  In two-way DLI Programs, the classes consist of approximately 50 students, 25 who are native Spanish speakers and 25 native English speakers. The student’s daily instruction is divided half in English and half in Spanish.

    In 2013, two two-way DLI programs were added at J.R. Smith Elementary School and at Midway Elementary School starting cohorts in kindergarten and first grade.

    In 2014, Old Mill Elementary School added the first one-way DLI program, also in kindergarten and first grade.

    In the Fall of 2017, Daniels Canyon started their DLI two-way programs in grades K-5, and the first first cohort of Heber Valley students entered the high school.