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    What Is Dual Language Immersion?

    Let’s start by making sure we’re all using the same terms, since there is still a lot of variance in the ways in which people refer to dual language programs. Dual language programs, broadly defined, are educational programs in which students learn academic content in the partner language - such as Spanish - and in English. Now, let’s be a little more specific about the languages the students speak who are enrolled in dual language programs. Two-way dual language programs are made up of ELLs fluent in the partner language and English-speaking peers. One-way dual language programs are made up students predominantly from one language group, either the partner language or English.   

    Wasatch County School District's Spanish Dual Immersion Program:

    DLI Instructions Gr 1-3

    Daily instruction 50% in Spanish and 50% in English  

    In grades K-3, Math, Spanish Literacy, Science and Social Studies are taught in Spanish and English Literacy and Math, Science, Social Studies reinforcement are taught in English.


    DLI Grd 4-5

    In grades 4-5, Spanish Literacy, Science and Math reinforcement are taught in Spanish and English Literacy, Math, Social Studies and Science reinforcement are taught in English.

    In 6th grade, Spanish Literacy, World Civilizations, and Science is taught in Spanish and English, Science and Math are taught in English.

    When students reach 7th and 8th grade, they continue in the DLI program taking two courses each year in preparation for the Advanced Placement exam in 9th grade.

    In high school, if the student has passed the AP exam, they may then continue on to take 3000 level courses with our partner university, Utah Valley University and graduate from high school with enough credits to have two courses shy of a minor in Spanish.  

    As part of dual language expansion efforts, state Seals of Biliteracy are awarded to qualifying WHS graduates. These seals are a form of special recognition on high school diplomas and student transcripts for students (ELLs and non-ELLs) who can demonstrate fluency in two or more languages.