Honors Physics With Technology Syllabus

  • This is the page to find the syllabus for the course for the year and for each term.  The basic structure of the class is that we will cover 2-3 units per term, with several homework assignments and quizzes, labs and/or projects, test reviews, and a test for each unit that we cover.  At the end of each term we will have a cumulative final that will be 10% of your total grade.  Fourth term will also include SAGE and CTE testing and may not have an additional final at the end of the year.

    Even though many of the basic physics principles that we cover in this class have been discovered centuries ago (not all), there are new and exciting discoveries or cool physics related events, like solar or lunar eclipses that happen during the school year at various times.  Because of this, I like to make students aware of these "cool physics" events or discoveries and alter what we do on a day-to-day basis.  Because of that I can't make a definative syllabus that has everything mapped out for the entire term or year.  I will have the basic outline with a tenative timeframe shown below but a more accurate syllabus that changes and grows each day will be linked to in Canvas.  

    Growing up, old paper maps were the way we navigated the world to get from one place to the next.  Now, most of us use our phone or GPS to guide us where we are going.  We still may look at the old maps to get a tenative plan to arrive at our destination, but the turn-by-turn directions come from better technology that can find the "best route" to avoid unforseen obstacles that might delay our trip.  Mr. VanAusdal will be the GPS system for the class with Canvas being the turn-by-turn syllabus that will be given at the appropriate time for the course.  Being less restricted on a definate syllabus, but still know the end destination, we can have a much better journey through this physics class.


    • Quarter 1
      • Unit 0-Introduction and Safety
      • Unit 1-Waves
      • Unit 2-Linear Motion
    • Quarter 2
      • Unit 3-Graphing motion, acceleration
      • Unit 4- Projectiles
      • Unit 5- Newton's Laws
    • Quarter 3
      • Unit 6- Energy, Work, Electricity generation
      • Unit 7- Gravitation and Electrostatics
    • Quarter 4
      • Unit 8: Heat Transfer
      • SAGE and CTE Test Review
      • May 11th, 2018 Physics Day At Lagoon


Last Modified on October 27, 2017