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    Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program is designed to assist students through specific self-appraisal and self-improvement activities, to enable effective planning to meet their personal education and career goals.

    School guidance programs are unique to each individual school and community. Programs focus on goals that will:

    • Impress all students in a powerful and effective way with the importance of decision making and planning for life after high school.
    • Encourage and assist each student in developing a Student Education Plan (SEP) or a Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP).
    • Direct the guidance program to provide opportunities for student growth in the areas of academic/learning development, life/career planning, and personal/social/global citizen development.
    • Involve the school (students and staff), the home (entire family), and the community (neighborhood and workforce) in implementing a comprehensive counseling and guidance program.

      The program provides every student with decision-making and planning skills in order to prepare for his or her future.

    Our vision is to provide every student with the assistance and guidance to effectively identify, select, plan, and prepare for a career of choice, while giving each student the encouragement to achieve the goals which will enable him or her to have increased confidence when embarking on a career and/or entering the workplace.

    Program Delivery Components

    • Guidance Curriculum is delivered through classroom presentations and activities, and structured group activities.
    • Individual Planning is a process that includes activities to assist students and their parents or guardians in planning, monitoring, and managing the student’s learning as well as his or her personal, educational, and career goals. Every school district has adopted policies to support the SEP/SEOP process as an essential element of the student’s education.
    • Responsive Services meet the immediate concerns and needs of students, usually with a prevention focus, e.g., programs for dropout prevention, student assistance teams, peer leadership, and drug and alcohol prevention.
    • System Support focuses on program development, implementation, and management, and connects the guidance program to existing family and community support and to school improvement and student achievement.
    Contact Information:
    CTE/Student Services Director:
    Jason Watt
    435-654-4714 (fax)
    101 East 200 North
    Heber City, UT 84032

Last Modified on February 20, 2019