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  • One-On-One Instruction: We know that a high-quality education requires more than just a great curriculum. Highly-qualified teachers provide one-on-one instruction, tutorials, and supplemental learning to help students meet their goals. Parents play a critical role as learning coaches, working with teachers to support student achievement.

    In addition to the exceptional curriculum and supportive community, students enrolled in Wasatch’s online school will also receive the following:

    • Opportunities for academic and social enrichment, as well as a dedicated parent support network.
    • Access to online lessons 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere a internet connection can be found.
    • Communication and advice from teachers through e-mail, web-conferencing, and in person.
    • Access to after-school programs, school libraries, and computer labs.

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  • WLA is Excited to Welcome Your Students

    Wasatch Learning Academy is dedicated to helping your student complete their online educational goals, and is open to all families who wish to participate in student learning. We have found that all students can flourish with the right support, and have identified the following characteristics as those which describe a successful Learning Academy student:

    • Highly involved parents or guardians who are comfortable using computer technology
    • A History of good attendance and academic success in a prior setting
    • Discipline and self-motivation
    • An enjoyment of reading
    • The desire to seek solutions to problems
    • Involvement in school and community activities

    Students at Wasatch Learning Academy are not required to fit into a rigid structure. Instead, they are given flexibility, and accessibility to high-quality education. Students have access to personal attention from teachers. There are some basic procedures that all families at Wasatch Virtual Learning Academy must follow. For a child to successfully participate in our program, a parent must:

    1. Be available to the student while he/she is working on school assignments.
    2. Keep close contact with your teacher.
    3. Monitor your child’s daily attendance and completion of work.
    4. Have your student maintain appropriate pacing of instruction.
    5. Notify the Academy of and changes to personal information, including phone numbers and changes in address.
    6. Students must participate in state testing, and are required to travel to state-mandated testing sites.