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  • bread

    Kindergarteners in the kitchen?  Well maybe not in the kitchen, but they were very busy in the classroom!  Old Mill Kindergarteners had two days of making homemade bread with our county extension agent, Trisha Mathis!  It was so fun to see 60+ children, at a time, all mixing and kneading their bread dough.  Teachers and parent helpers jumped in when little arms and hands got  tired and all children felt great pride as they took a fresh loaf of bread home ready to be popped into the oven!

    A side from making bread, our preschool students have been learning about some different kinds of environments: desert, forest, ocean.  As you walk down the halls by the preschool classrooms, you see the artwork the children have produced for the different environments they have been learning about!  Who needs to travel, when you can visit this amazing display!


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  • dads

    Last week at Old Mill Elementary was extremely busy with lots of fun activities.  On Monday, the much-anticipated book fair opened and continued to run throughout the week.  The PTA did such an amazing job decorating and providing  a fun atmosphere for students to shop and browse for new books.  Tuesday was Dads and Donuts.  Dads and kids filled the lunchroom and spilled out into the halls as they shared books and donuts together.  Wednesday and Thursday were Student Led Conferences.  Students were able to share with their parents all they have learned so far this year and also explained the many goals they would still like to accomplish as the year goes on.  The PTA provided wonderful meals for the teachers on Wednesday and Thursday nights as they were here late for conferences.  It was a fantastic week with a lot going on. Now everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving break.

    There are an overabundance of items in the lost and found.  If your child is missing a jacket or coat, please have them check the lost and found.


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  • reflection

    Old Mill student’s voices filled the hallways on Veterans' Day with the song We Honor You. The students spent time sharing enthusiastically about their veteran family members as they worked to learn the song during music. Many proudly put their hand over their heart as they sang with pride.


    Old Mill Elementary received 80 entries this year in their annual PTA Reflections art contest.  The top-scoring projects from each category will move on to compete against other students at the district level this week.  The Old Mill Elementary winners are as follows:  Dance Rachel Anderson, Paisley Post, Brooklyn Jenkins; Music Composition Asher Hagen, Noah Olson, Eva Danley, Amelia Hagen; Literature Lucy Lowther, Mckenna Christensen, Melanie Hendrickson, Taylor Pearson; Photography Lily Olson, Warren Searle, Hayden Hatch, Ella Hagen; 3D Arts Blakely Puett, Amelia Hagen, Molly Lawson, Kayden Harris; 2D Arts Scout Bunnell, Andee Moss, Alison Crabb, Brinley Studdert.


    The Wasatch School District Reflections Awards night will be held at the district office on November 25 from 5- 7 PM where all district-level projects will be displayed and winners will be announced.  Thank you to everyone in our community who supported this program and helped make it a success!

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  • 5th grade

    Fifth graders have been working on an electricity unit.  As a final project students created Haunted Houses. They constructed electric circuits in cooperative groups to light their houses.  This was a fun activity in conjunction with other Halloween activities. Fifth grade students were also able to tour the Heber Light and Power plant to further their understanding of electricity usage and safety.  We want to thank the Heber Light and Power employees for taking time to educate us about how electricity, something we take for granted everyday, is generated and delivered to our homes.
    Student Led Conferences will be held on November 20th and 21st.  Watch for information from your child's teacher about scheduling for this important event.
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  • mt. man Utah History came alive as our fourth graders joined the Mountain Man Trader Camp at Wasatch High School.  They watched a blacksmith perform his handiwork by demonstrating how he makes iron and steel tools. Mountain Man stories were told by a Mountain Man, as he shared how the Mountain Men trapped and traded beaver peltsThe students were also entertained as their teachers practiced their knife and ax throwing skills.  This field trip was a great precursor for their own fourth grade Rendezvous scheduled for January. 

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  • third grade The third graders at Old Mill are BEADazzled by Reading!!! They are learning to become better readers while learning to love reading. This year, they are earning BEADS for the 3rd grade reading incentive. Each month students read the required reading minutes, they get to choose a bead and put it on their necklaces. They truly are BEADazzled by reading!  

    Students are also busy working on their first Book Talk of the year - The Cheeseburger Book Talk. After reading a fictional chapter book, they are creating a Cheeseburger to represent their book. The Cheeseburger includes the setting, main character and their character traits, a plot summary, the theme and their favorite part. Students will present their Cheeseburger Book Talk to the class this week. It is an excellent opportunity for them to recommend great books to each other and to foster a love of reading. 

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  • The second grade enjoyed having visitors from the Abbington come read with them and are excited for their friends to come back to read with them again. It was a great time enjoyed by all.  Old Mill appreciates the community partnership with the Abbington. 
     Maestra Peralta, the second grade Spanish dual immersion teacher, celebrated Mexico's independence day with the dual immersion students by teaching them the traditions of Mexico and eating delicious churros. 
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  • preschool

    Old Mill Elementary Pre-K Classes are getting the hang of School!


    September rolled out a great month for our energetic preschoolers.  Not only did they adjust well as they said goodbye to family members dropping them off, they took to routines and schedules like they have been doing it for years.  To start our year out on a fun and familiar note, we read lots of different versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Acting out the story in dramatic play, playing with dry porridge in the sensory table, taste testing porridge and graphing our answers are just a few examples of what these amazing kids have been working on this month.

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  • PLC Model School

    OME was chosen to be an International Model PLC School by one of the leading K-12 educational professional development companies in the world, Solution Tree.  We are only 1 of 175 schools in the country who have been given this honor.  In order to be considered for this award, OME had to provide evidence of the following:

    • Demonstrate a commitment to PLC concepts.
    • Implement those concepts for at least three years.
    • Present clear evidence of improved student learning.
    • Explain the culture, practices, and structures of the school or district, and submit it for consideration to the PLC Review Committee using our online submission process.
    • Update school or district information on the site each year to show your data continues to meet the criteria of the PLC at Work process.
    • Demonstrate a shared understanding and commitment to the PLC at Work process. 
    • Demonstrate a culture of continuous improvement in our school. 
    • Describe the process that our school uses to create and implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum. 
    • Describe the strategies our school uses to monitor student learning on a timely basis. 
    • Share how we are creating and implementing systems of intervention and extension to provide students with additional time and support for learning. 
    • Explain how our high-performing, collaborative teams focus their efforts on improved student learning.

    Our staff, students and community are dedicated to helping all children achieve at high levels and the PLC process has been a invaluable asset to our student's education.  Thank you Solution Tree for considering us, we are extremely humbled and honored!

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  • OME Reading Brag Tag Challenge


    Let's get reading OME...


    We spent some time chatting with adults and children alike about what hooked them into reading and almost every one of them said it was a particular series, character, genre or author that peaked their interest.  Therefore, we created the OME Brag Tag Reading Challenge.  Students choose a book series that they would love to read and then get a bookmark from Library.  After they read each book in the series, students then complete a graphic organizer to share what they have learned and loved about the book and turn it into their teacher.  Students then check out the next book in the series.  When they finish all the books on the bookmark, they turn it in at the office. Mrs. Discher will come around once a week with the Reading Brag Tag cart to award the students with their grade level super cool Converse keychain and a new brag tag or two for their efforts.  The goal is to have students fall in love with characters, settings, genres and authors, as well as allow their imaginations to take them on amazing adventures!  (Currently we have students who are completing 2-3 series a month and we are struggling to keep up with them, which is great and we are up to the challenge)  Students proudly display their keychains on their backpacks with all the brag tags that they collect.  We hope students will "brag" about the books they are reading to share their excitement and encourage others to do the same.  The journey of a lifetime could start with the turning of a page...Happy Reading OME!


     OME Brag Tag Challenge Video

    1st Grade Bookmarks

    2nd Grade Bookmarks

    3rd Grade Bookmarks

    4th Grade Bookmarks

    5th Grade Bookmarks

    6th Grade Bookmarks





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  • Amazon Smile OME

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  • Mrs. Discher Principal's Message

    Old Mill Elementary is a great place to be. I believe that strong community/school relationships are essential to high academic achievement. Find any successful school and you will also find parents and community members that are involved and supportive of the school. This community recognizes the value of educational and extracurricular activities. Therefore, our school expects our students to excel both inside and outside of the classroom. I hope you are proud of our students as they reflect these expectations through their character and commitment. It does take an entire village to raise a child, therefore please talk to your child’s classroom teacher about volunteering opportunities.

    We hope that you find our website helpful and informative. We know everyone has busy schedules, therefore we want to keep everyone in the loop to allow families to plan for and attend school events. You will find that all information sent out via email can also be found on this site. Our monthly newsletters are emailed to parents and will be uploaded to the website as well. We have also entered all dates for events and activities in the “Calendar” feature. Additionally, we have a Facebook page that we will use to send out updates and quick announcements throughout the year. 

    It is truly an honor to be a part of a community where parents, teachers, and students care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic and social growth. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and to a very exciting and successful school year … Go Owls!


    Stephanie Discher
    Proud Principal of Old Mill Elementary