• Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is dual language immersion?

    Dual language immersion provides a way to learn academic content while acquiring another language at the same time. Students receive math, science, and social studies instruction in a target language, such as Spanish, Chinese, French, German or Portuguese. The teaching strategies used support students in learning the concepts and skills for the subject area and develop the ability to read, write, speak, and listen in another target language. 

    The goals are for the students to reach high levels of target language proficiency and develop cultural competency while attaining academic achievement that is at or above their grade level.


    Who can participate?

    The dual language immersion program seeks to enroll students of varying backgrounds and all ability levels. All students are capable of acquiring another language. Applications are open to all students entering kindergarten and first grade.  Typically, students who do not speak the target language will not be placed in the program after 2nd grade unless otherwise approved through an examination process.


    How do I apply for a dual language immersion program?

    Individual schools and districts enroll students in dual language immersion according to their own policies and procedures. Please go to this page to apply.  


    Is dual language immersion a gifted/high ability program? 

    Dual language immersion is a general education program, not a gifted or high ability program. Research has shown that the dual language immersion program is an effective educational option for children from diverse backgrounds and all ability levels.  


    How is instructional time distributed between English and the target language?

    The student’s daily instruction will be divided half in English and half in the target language (Spanish). 


    How will parents help with homework in the target language?

    Only tasks that the student could complete independently will be assigned as homework in the target language. This is best practice for all homework assignments regardless of the language. Parents are still encouraged to read daily in English to their student. 


    Can siblings be in the program?

    In the Wasatch County School District, siblings of students in the dual immersion program are given priority when it comes to enrollment.


    Can parents/guardians volunteer in a dual language immersion classroom?

    Parents/guardians will be encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and familiarize themselves with the target language. However, only the target language is spoken in the classroom. 


    Will my student be expected to participate in the dual language immersion program through high school?

    IMPORTANT:  In order to fully benefit from the dual language immersion program, we expect that students will commit to the program through high school. 


    Why are Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Portuguese the Dual Language Immersion target languages?

    Utah political and educational stakeholders identified French, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Portuguese as the languages critical to Utah’s future economic development.  




    Eric Campbell, Curriculum Director, eric.campbell@wasatch.edu

    Ellie Gallagher, Dual Immersion Specialist, elizabeth.gallagher@wasatch.edu