• kcummings

    Hello Parents and Students,


    Welcome to Rocky Mountain Middle School!  I am the Vice Principal at RMMS and I am excited to join you on this adventure we call middle school.  I have been in education for thirteen years. Ten of those years have been in Wasatch School District.  I am eager to see students I have worked with in the past, so stop in and say hi.


    As Vice Principal, much of my time is spent focusing on improving our school culture.  To promote this, our students and faculty participate in two proactive social skills programs:


    • Our anti-bullying program is called “Cool to Care-212˚” It emphasizes that it is cool to care about others and that small things can have a big impact.  At 211 degrees water is hot.  At 212 degrees, it boils and with boiling water comes steam.  With steam, you can power a train.  Just one extra degree makes all the difference.  Just like saying hello to another student can make a difference. We are a community that cares about each other. 

    Last year we implemented our “Fight for First” program.  We encourage students to fight to do their best.  This means being to class on time, completing work, studying for tests, and realizing hard work pays off.  We desire our students to feel the satisfaction that comes when you fight to do your best.


    We strive to recognize those students who are Cool to Care and Fighting for First.  Teachers will have Cool to Care-212˚ cards and Fight For First cards to distribute to students.  Students will turn in the cards and each week we will call out names for prizes.  Our goal is to ensure that every student at RMMS feels safe, welcomed, and challenged to be and do their very best.


    When you walk into our building you will see two large banners stating our mission: “All Grizzlies are guaranteed access to high levels of learning” and “All Grizzlies will be prepared to succeed at Wasatch High School”.  We have a fabulous staff that is dedicated to preparing all students for high school and beyond.  If we work together as parents and educators, our students will have a great three years at Rocky Mountain Middle School.


    Katie Cummings
    Assistant Principal
    Rocky Mountain Middle School
    Heber City, Ut  84032