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    Teaching is something I have always felt passionate about, and I have loved teaching business, computer, and finance classes for over 30 years. My approach to teaching is based on student involvement, relevance, and effort. My goal is to prepare students so they can go into the world with basic life skills, enhanced self-esteem, and the belief that they can be successful. I believe all students can learn and are special in different ways.

    Each student’s achievement is very important to me. I hold high expectations for all students. I will be prepared, positive, and enthusiastic every school day. I will treat students with respect, dignity, and compassion. In return, I expect each student to be prepared, participate in class, show respect, and give 100 percent effort. Every day all students will have the opportunity to learn new and valuable information. 

    Please check Wasatch Canvas for assignments and grades. Please check SIS for attendance.