• Name: Char Dawson
    Email Address: charlene.dawson@wasatch.edu   Bryce Canyon
    Phone number: 435-654-0640

    This is my tenth year at Wasatch and my fifteenth year teaching.  This year I am looking forward to teaching Psychology, America at War and overseeing the Wasatch High School Food Pantry. 
    The Food Pantry hours are Tuesdays thru Fridays from 7:45-8:00 am and in the afternoon from 3:00-3:30, during school days.  We are located at West Campus, Room 22.  Donations are always welcome.  If you are in need of food, please email me or go to the following link for more information:  Food Pantry Information
    Psychology is the best elective and my specialty!  It's all about you!  We will learn about your brain, emotions, personality, motivation, perception, consciousness, addiction, happiness, social psychology, disorders, forensics, and so much more in this fun and hands-on class.  It is fast-paced and super interesting. I promise that you will have your mind blown at least five times. I can't wait to get started!  
    America at War focuses on big ideas and questions while exploring America's history of military involvement.  For example, one essential question that students will be able to answer and defend is 'What makes America Exceptional?"  I look forward to digging into American history with you.  I think history is fascinating, NOT boring, and I hope by the end of this class you will feel the same way. There are so many true stories that you will remember forever and many that make me emotional every time I share them. This class will pay tribute to our Founding Fathers and the everyday people that paved the way for us. We will learn about events and people that exemplify what it means to sacrifice for the greater good and be brave. We will also take an honest and fair look at things that make this country real, not perfect, such as: slavery, the relocation of Native Americans, and the horrors that accompany times of war like the Holocaust and massacres.  We will begin with the Founding of America and the Revolutionary War and end with the War on Terror in the Middle East. I am excited about the amount of history we cover and hope that by the end of the semester you will have all of the major conflicts, their causes and results, lined up in a meaningful, chronological order in your beautiful minds.
    I look at teaching more as a calling that I have been given, rather than a job.  Each year, I strive to get better and to build stronger, positive relationships with my students.  I do what I can to make every year better than the last.  Thank you for your patience in this lofty goal!
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