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          What an exciting year we have planned for the students at Heber Valley Elementary.   Great field trips, exciting curriculum, and lots of fun activities.  Once again my class will be focusing on math and science as a major part of their fifth grade experience.  As far as materials that they need to bring to school, I will provide their first pencils, notebooks, erasers, glue and paper.  I will let you know if we need special materials for special projects or any fees that may be needed for field trips. This year we are encouraging reading at least 20 minutes a night as our only homework.  I would love to meet all the parents of all of my students, so if you could not make it to back to school night, please contact me and we can set up a time before or after school to spend a few minutes so you can tell me about your child.  Learning should be fun, so with your help, I can better focus in on what would motivate your child to want to learn the wonderful things we study at school.  Thank you for your support.   We are going to have a great year.
    Name: Bob Alexander
    Email Address: Robert.Alexander@wasatch.edu
    Phone number:654-0112