• All Students 9th-12 Grades
    You are eligible to participate in Public Education Online if you are in grades 9-12 and enrolled in a Utah public school. For the 2011-2012 school year, you may enroll in up to two credits in online courses. You may earn no more credits in a semester than the number of credits you may earn by taking a full course load during the regular school day at your high school classroom.
    A listing of the courses we offer is located under 9-12 Courses on the left. For detailed information about the courses you will be using, click on the "E2020 website" and look under  "Courses"  near the top of the main website page. This pdf file will give a detailed description of the courses offered. Also be aware that we are able to offer many alternative options in Math and Language Arts that may be more targeted to your individual needs. 
    Determine which courses you are interested in taking online. In order to enroll in a Public Education Online course, you should discuss with your school counselor your interest in taking the course and how this course will fit into your Student Education and Occupation Plan (SEOP).  You may fill out and print a Student Parent Online Course Plan  to prepare for your meeting with your school counselor.
    After you have completed the course plan and SEOP, you are ready to begin the process of enrolling your student. Click here to start the process:  ENROLL 9-12 Grade level
Last Modified on May 21, 2011