March 17, 2020


     April 3, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    We have made it to Spring Break. Next week, we will not be providing curriculum on the website. Feel free to go back and do the videos and activities again. We will not be calling next week either. We will start again on April 14th.


    I do not feel good about leaving you without materials in these trying times. I am going to give you a few links where you can find some activities and curriculum you can download and use as you want. My website also has tabs on additional resources for you to use. The Teachers Pay Teachers site needs to have an account. Signing up is free. There are many free items to download and many more to purchase. Below are some free resources.


    Remember since it is Spring Break, lunches will not be provided the week of April 6th-10th. They will resume April 13th.


    You should have received an email about Up Start. It is quick and easy to sign up and get started. Next week would be a great time to get use to the program. If you already have your child signed up, you can ignore the email.


    We will miss you. If you need us during the break, please email. I’ll be checking it throughout the week.







    Pocket Full of Preschool – great resources. I Love this site!


    Teachers Pay Teachers – I love her materials!


    Choice boards – These are fabulous! I got many good ideas from them.


    Hands On As We Grow – Gross motor activities


    The Measured Mom – indoor gross motor activities


    Printable scavenger hunts – preschool level



    These are the Essential Skills we will be working on in the weeks to come.

    1. Letter Recognition RF 3.a: Recognize that letters have names (18).
    2. Letter Recognition RF 3.a: Recognize that letters have sounds. (18).
    3. Vocabulary, oral language SL 4: with prompting and support, describe, familiar people, places, things, and event. (2)
    4. Writing Letters L 1.a: Print some letters of the alphabet, including those in name. W 5.c Start to produce writing that is legible.
    5. First Sound: RF 2.d: Recognize initial sounds of words.
    1. Rote Counting CC1: Begin to count to 10 by ones (20.)
    2. One-to-One Correspondence and cardinality CC 4.a: Use one-to-one correspondence when counting up to 5 objects (10.)

    Please do not get overwhelmed with our lessons. Do what you want or can do. Nothing is required.  If it is too much, then read to your child every day, count anything and everything, sing the alphabet song, and ask them to say beginning sound of words. Most of all do not make it stressful. 

    Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns. We need feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to help us teach your children.  Give them a hug for us.

    Lala and Heidi

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