Hello! My name is Liz Sprackland and I am starting my 17th year teaching Art. I am going into my 11th year here at Wasatch High School and am just as excited to be here as I was the first day I got hired. I encourage students to be creative and think independently while exploring their own path and growth in the Arts.
    You can reach me at : 
    (435) 654-0640, ext. 3732
    The 2019-2020 school year will be another exciting art year at Wasatch High School. My classes will be the following:
    1. Drawing is a basic class that should be taken after Foundations and before many other advanced art classes. Mediums used are pencil, ink, charcoal, colored pencils and mixed mediums. Students will explore drawing through photographs, observations, and chosen reference materials
    2. Painting One is the basics of painting using acrylic, tempera, and watercolor paint. Students review color theory and paint on smaller canvases.
    3. Advanced Painting continues to further the students' knowledge of painting techniques with larger canvases and more challenging curriculum.
    4. Advanced Drawing 1020 Concurrent Enrollment, UVU. (Basic Drawing for non-majors). This is a concurrent enrollment course that is available to all junior and senior high school students with a 3.0 GPA or above. This course satisfies a 3 credit general education requirement at all Utah colleges. It also offers a high school semester art credit. This course introduces basic drawing techniques and emphasizes the fundamentals of observation-based, in-class assignments,  and homework practice that build skills in drawing.  This course can also be taken for non-college credit.
    My Background:
    I was raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I moved to Utah in 1979 and have been married 36 years. I have two daughters living in Park City, Utah. My interests are painting, music, traveling, gardening, hiking, and anything that has to do with the great outdoors. I am passionate about art and believe there is an artist in all of us!
    My Education:
    Master of Arts in Education, Secondary Level, Visual Arts - University of Phoenix, Utah
    Master of Arts in Elementary Education - University of Phoenix, Utah 
    Bachelor of Fine Arts - Western Illinois University
    Visual Arts,  K-6 grades
    Visual Arts Specialist,  1 - 8 grades
    Visual Arts, K - 12 grades
    Visual Arts Specialist, 6 - 12 grades
    Teaching Background:
    Wasatch High School, Foundations 1 and 2, Painting 1 and 2, Art Appreciation, Drawing, Art History CE, UVU, Drawing, Art 1020 CE, UVU
    Utah Valley University, Fundamentals of Art Education, Oil Painting, Art History 1010, Drawing 1020 
    Wasatch Mountain Junior High, Art One and Advanced

    The Colby School, Private, Park City, - Art Specialist

    Soldier Hollow Charter School - Art Enrichment Teacher
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