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    Students must turn in hours and the employer evaluation or will not pass the course. Students must turn in an evaluation from your supervisor or employer! See Canvas.



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    Office C#22 In the Counseling Section

    Ms. Becky Mossman

    Wasatch High School: Work-Based Learning Coordinator
    Email Address:
    Phone: (435) 654-0640 Voice mail #3728
    Direct line: (435) 657-3100ext. 3728
    Fax # (435) 654-3011

    "There are a lot of ways people learn. You can learn in the classroom, but most learning takes place on the job. We're finding that many of our children learn better in an actual work setting, particularly when it is combined with an academic experience."


     What is Work-Based Learning?

    Work-Based Learning provides opportunities for students and employers to join together with schools to integrate academic studies with "real world" applications in a workplace learning environment. The goal of the high school Work-Based Learning program is to broaden educational, career and economic opportunities for all students through partnerships among schools, businesses, and communities. Ideally, Work-Based Learning brings the workplace into the classroom and transforms workplaces into places of learning.

    Student Internships:

    Student internships allow high school students to be mentored or work for 
    an employer for a specified period of time to learn about a particular
    industry or occupation. Internship programs extend formal classroom
    learning into the community. Students will attend the worksite during
    1 or 2 class periods. Student interns may be paid or unpaid.
    • Student Internship Testimonials Video - MP4
      Courtesy of Davis School District
    Attention Local Business:
    E-mail your current job listings to post on the high school job board.
    Please have a flier ready to print with information including qualifications,
    wage, hours, job description and starting date.
     WBL Activities:
    • Apprenticeships                  
    • Student Internships
      • Educator Internships  
    • Cooperative Work Experiences
      • Job Shadows
      • School-based Enterprises
      • Service Learning
      • Clinical Work Experience
    • Career Fairs
    • Field Studies
    • Guest Speakers
    "For schools to succeed, we must look far beyond their classrooms to our communities. Schools will never be much better than the commitment of their communities. Each of our communities must become a place where learning can happen." America 2000

    Definition and Explanation:
    Work-based learning is career awareness and exploration, work experience, structured training, and/or mentoring at the work site. There are work-based learning activities appropriate for every grade level to support students in developing career awareness, exploring career options, developing appropriate workplace skills, and relating academic skills to real-world applications.
    Work-based learning provides students with opportunities to study complex subject matter as well as vital workplace skills in a hands-on, "real life" environment. Students have opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom to tasks performed in the workplace. As students see the connections between their school work and what is required at the work site, they gain an understanding of the importance of learning and are able to make better decisions about their futures.