• Welcome to Pottery 

    I need you to know that I love to work with clay.  I am so happy everyday to pull some clay out and create something. I fell in love with pottery in 1993 when I took a ceramics class here at Wasatch High School from the late and great Sue Villella. I have had mud on my pants ever since. I was thrilled to take the pottery torch from Sue (Mrs "V") in 2008 when she retired and I have carried on the tradition of hands in the mud at Wasatch High School ever since.
    I have three rules in the studio (stolen from the KLUTZ company):
    1) be good
    2)have fun
    3)create wonderful things
    I am so glad to be with you as we explore clay and some of its possibilities through this hands on studio class. Here we will make sculptures, learn a variety of ways to make containers and ways to decorate this versatile medium, along with anything else you can think of.
    In our studio we have 16 potters wheels, 3 electric kilns, a pug-mill for recycling clay, an extruder, a slab roller, a ton of slip casting molds, a large variety of hand tools, a spray booth for painting, and a lot of glazes to finish our work.
    If you have any questions please contact me:
    Name: Matt McNaughtan
    Email Address: matt.mcnaughtan@wasatch.edu
    Phone number: 435 654 0640 EXT 3778

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    • Hairy Pottery club
    • Butter cow creating field trip (Each year interested students join me for a day at the state fair to sculpt 700 pounds of butter into a cow)- check out the pictures-

              Butter cows!