Name:  Marge Carlile
    Room # 405
    Email Address: marge.carlile@wasatch.edu
    Phone number:435-657-3100 Ext. 3735

    2019-2020 Schedule
    GOLD DAY   
     1st Period--Business Communications
     3rd Period--Business Communications
     5th Period--Prep. Time
     7th Period--UVU Economics 1010

    1st Period--Japanese 1
    2nd Period--Japanese 1
    3rd Period--Japanese 3&4
    4th Period--Japanese 2
    Assignments for all classes are listed on Canvas.
    Grades for all classes are posted to SIS/Aspire
    Grades reported on Canvas are not accurate because not all assignments are submitted on Canvas.
    Always refer to SIS/Aspire for correct grades.
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