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    Welcome to our 4th year at Timpanogos Middle School and my 12th year teaching for Wasatch County School District.  This web page will serve you as a resource of homework assignments and any weekly information. Please use this website often. My goal is to teach the 7th grade curriculum and have your students become proficient in those 7th grade standards. Student should choose to learn those standards by following my ways mentioned below on being successful in my Math class. 
    When you click herethis will show you our annual schedule at Timpanogos Middle.  
    PARENTS: Please update your email address by contacting the office.  I will be sending out weekly emails that will contain information about what we are studying each week, and student expectations for that week. 
    It takes all 3 players to work together as a team for student success.
    Student Success  
    Our goal for 7th grade is to LEARN.  Each student is given control over their own learning experience.  Each grade level has taught skills that will be added on to the next year.  So we are adding on to everything you have learned from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Math takes your effort.
    The BEST way to be successful in my class is to:
    • Attend class each day.
    • Do 10 minutes of Freckle every day.
    • Being responsible with any homework assigned and to focus on each problem. 
    • Study !


    Contact information is:
      • email      karina.zachary@wasatch.edu
      • phone     435.654.0550



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