Vision Statement 
    Meaningful and measurable progress for students of all abilities.
    Mission Statement
    The mission of Special Education in Wasatch County School District is to enrich the educational process for students of all abilities by 1) facilitating meaningful access to resources at home, in school, and the community, 2) fostering meaningful relationships with students, their parents, teachers, and peers, 3) sustaining accountability for student competence in academic areas, and 4) providing access to a safe, healthy lifestyle.  
    Organization of Special Education in Wasatch County School District
    There are four primary programs/services that make-up the organization of Special Education Services in Wasatch:
    I). Curriculum Modification & Support
    Modifying the curriculum to meet the individualized needs of eligible students is essentially the whole purpose of special education programming. Our wonderful faculty and staff across both general and special education are responsible for making meaningful modifications and facilitating appropriate access for eligible students. 
    Students become eligible for special education when they meet ALL three of the following criteria:
    1). The child must have a disability.
    2). The child's disability must adversely affect the educational performance.
    3). The child's disability necessitates modification of the general curriculum  
    These eligibility criteria have been set forth by both State and Federal Guidelines and are often referred to as the "Three Prongs of Special Education Eligibility."  
     WCSD employs teams of highly qualified assessment professionals including early childhood specialists, teachers, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and school psychologists to help determine eligibility for special education. 
    While WCSD strives to provide the highest quality curriculum modifications and supports, it is our philosophy that students of all abilities learn best when educated with their typically developing peers. As such, our efforts to provide special education is accomplished collaboratively with general education teachers, principals, and of course, parents.  
    II). Related Services
    WCSD is fortunate to employ a robust clinical team of licensed and nationally certified professionals across the areas of speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, vision, and school psychology. In addition to these clinical services, WCSD is fortunate to be able to provide transportation as a related service for eligible students. 
    In the school systems, teams with clinical training are often referred to as "Related Service Providers." This distinction is an important one because access to these services is typically provided only in relation to the student's progress in the general curriculum. In other words, Related Services must be connected in some way to the child's access to instruction. If a child is not eligible for special education, they are not eligible for related services.
    Again, these policies have been established by both State and Federal guidelines regarding the provision of services for eligible students. WCSD employs multiple related service providers to meet the needs of eligible students. Please visit the Special Education faculty and staff page to learn more about the services they provide. 
    III). Parent Committee
    In addition to the multiple school-based services WCSD is proud to provide, the PEAK (Parents Empowering Abled Kids) Committee is one of the most crucial components to our programming in special education. With the goal of building quality relationships between parents and our faculty, the inclusion of parents is critically important. 
    WCSD is fortunate to have an independent, strong, and collaborative parent committee dedicated to learning about (and contributing to) special education in WCSD. Please feel free to contact Sara Richards at kaeli.bills@wasatch.edu for the most up-to-date PEAK Committee contact list.  
    IV). Transition (Post-High School Programming)
    WCSD is proud to offer a comprehensive post-high school program focusing on college, career, and work-based learning objectives for eligible students ranging in ages from 18-to-22. Each student in WCSD works towards within a "transition plan" starting at the beginning of their 8th grade year. These plans are designed to keep an eye on goals related to post-school settings such as college, vocation, independent living, etc. 
    Please feel free to contact Dr. Ben Springer with any questions and/or concerns regarding Special Education in Wasatch County School District at ben.springer@wasatch.edu.
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Last Modified on August 28, 2020