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     Mr. Medina 
    Welcome to my site. Thank you for visiting. I hope you can find what you need here.
    Just a little about me. I Graduated from BYU with Bachelors of Science in Math Education and have completed my second year of teaching within Wasatch School District. I love math and I enjoy working with all my students. With hard work I know we can all be successful. 
    Contact Information: 
          The best way to contact me is by e-mail or stopping by my office.

       Sec. II Notes


     Class Schedule
    Odd Days
    • 1st Period:   Secondary II
    • 3rd Period:   Secondary II Honors
    • 7th Period:   Secondary II Honors
    Even Days
    • 4th Period:   Secondary II
    • 6th Period:   ACT Prep
    • 8th Period:   ACT Prep 

    Potential Test Dates
    Mid-Term: September 17-18
    Final-1st Term: October 24-25
    Mid-Term: December 10-11
    Final-2nd Term: January 14-15
    Mid-Term: February 18-19
    Final-3rd Term: March 18-19
    Mid-Term: April 29-30
    Final-4th Term: May 20-11 (Individual)
    May 27-28 (Group)