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    WELCOME to Art.
    Name: Dan Hill
    Email Address: dan.hill@wasatch.edu
    Phone number: 435-654-9350 Ext. 2650

    Thank you for visiting my web page. My name is Dan Hill and I'd like to let you know a little about myself. I have a wife and two sons, along with three English Setter Dogs. I love anything to do with being outside and especially in the mountains. I really enjoy watching sports and remembering the days when I played sports. I have taught for 20 years in Wasatch County School District. The first 9 were at Midway Elementary as a Special Education Teacher. When Mr. Wallace retired from RMMS, I applied for the possition and worked hard to get this job. After recieving news that I had recieved the possition, they told me that 40 other people had applied. I was then even more apreciative of this great oportunity to teach art.



    I have loved art ever sinse I can remember. I recall drawing everywere I went. I mostly draw wildlife images and animals. It was later in my art classes that I found out that many times I wasnt allowed to just draw animals. I had to learn to draw other items or designs. My high school drafting classes also taught me some additional aspects about the art field, mostly concerning perspective. Even though I miss being a Special Education Teacher, I feel I can use the knowledge, skill, and patients I learned there to work with all students in my art classes. All of us want to be treated fair, so I try to model fairness but also hold students accountable for completing their projects. For myself and others, I expect to see respect shown to yourself, others, the equipment, and the facility.


    This year I will be teaching four different classes: 


    Art One:

    In Art One, we teach all of the Elements of Art/Design. I will teach each element separatly and we will do a project displaying the element. This way students will have a visual connection with each element of art. We will also learn about different artists and the various art styles. 


    Art 1 Canvas Page 

    Art Two:

    In Art Two, we will use what we learnd about the Elements of Art to show the Principles of Art. This will be taught in a similar way to the Art One class with the elements. In this clas, the principle will be taught and then the student's knowledge shown through an art project done with the principle of art that was learned. I will expect the students to understand the elements taught in Art One good enough to aply them to their work in Art Two. We will also continue to discuss artists and the various styles they used. 


    Art 2 Canvas Page


    Art Advanced: 

    In Art Advanced, we will be using various mediums to do our art projects. Students should have taken Art 1 and Art 2 so they understand and know how to aply the Elements and Principles of Art. This art class will require students to be extreemly responsible as we use various tools that could cause harm to themselves or others. For that reason, I will be very clear of my safety instructions and will expect students to follow common sense and rules. 




    Archery is focused on learning the skills to be able to shoot  an arrow and getting it as close as possible to about a two inch diamiter circle. Dont feel you need to be abler to do this to be in the archery class. For those of you who have not shot a bow, Mr. Heaton and I are there to help you become familiar with how you can get as good as you want in archery. We have had many studenrts miss the entire target at the begining of class and by the end are one of the best shooters in the class. if students will listen, learn, and practice correct skills, they will be amazed at how accurate they can become. Equipment: We have bows for all students to use. Arrows: we ask that students dont bring their own. We have plenty of arrows for all to use. 


    If students want to bring their own bow the NASP program requires that it must be an aproved NASP Original Genisis bow. See the NASP site for specifications on what modifications can be added to the bow acording to the program rules. 



    We will score each students first roiund of shooting and will compare that to their final round of shooting at the end of the term. We will use this as part of their grade. We will also have some quizes and tests along with assignments that will be graded. Mr. Heaton and I have worked hard to make the assignments and quizes meaningfull and help you understand the logic behind being successfull in archery


    If you need to contact me, feel free to email or call me. Most likely you will get my voice mail. Please leave a message and I will return your call. I am most concerned about the success of your child and want to work with you so they are successful in life. So please contact me with any concerns.



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