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    Name: Kimber Conlin
    Email Address: kimberly.conlin@wasatch.edu
    Phone number: (435) 654-
    About me:

    I love science and I love the vitality of youth, that's why I am a teacher!  While teaching at  Rocky Mountain Middle School I served as the advisor for an after school science club and led a group of students on spring break science field trips to Florida and Costa Rica.  The more involved students are in science, the more they enjoy it! I grew up in Escalante,a very small town in southern Utah, and learned to love nature through hiking, camping, fishing and just plain living without malls, movie theaters or bowling alleys.  My family moved to the "big City" of Heber when I was in high school and I graduated from good ol' Wasatch High.  Since that time I have served an LDS mission in Kentucky, graduated from SUU in pre-med, attended one year of pharmacy school at the UofU, student taught seminary at Murray high school (where I learned that teaching was my true love), returned to SUU for a teaching degree, taught science in Rialto, California for 6 years and then finally returned home to Heber where I have been teaching science for the past 24 years.

    My absolute favorite activity is traveling and I have visited at least 27 national parks, 38 states, and 27 countries on 4 of the continents. Another  love that I share with my family is roller-coasters, we love going to theme parks with super hairy wild rides! I also love reading, hiking, camping and playing board games.  I dislike housework, weeding, boring meetings, heavy traffic, large cities and crowded places. I have a wonderful husband and three fantastic boys who like doing these things with me, or at least they put up with it!  My only claim to fame is that MIT chose me as one of the 40 top science teachers in the nation in 2002 and named a minor planet (really a large asteroid) in my honor- kinda cool huh!

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