Hello Artists! Welcome to our Symphonic Landscape!

    Name: Christopher Bala
    Email Address: christopher.bala@wasatch.edu
    Phone number:435-654-9350 ext. 2649
    Dear Students,
    I am grateful to have the opportunity to share music with the Wasatch community.  I hope students realize the opportunities available to them in the Wasatch School District and commit to making beautiful music. Together, we will contribute to our school community, our county community, and our state, national, and global community.
    We will be active listeners, steadfast performers, team players, and have expectations for the highest standards.  We will be whimsical arts, serious philosophers, and consummate students.  We will share together the marvels of music.
    During this pandemic, we will be vigilant about maintaining social distancing, disinfecting surfaces, and keeping our spit to ourselves ;)

    Harmony's Way,

    Maestro Bala

    Heber Quaquisentenial


Last Modified on October 25, 2021