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    Welcome to 

    Mrs. Hall's

    4th Grade Camp

    Name: Mary Hall 
    Email Address: mary.hall@wasatch.edu
    Phone number: 435-654-6900


    Home Learning Headquarters 

    OK...here we go!  Accept the challenge and put on your "try harder" face!

    All assignments for students will be delivered via Microsoft Teams.  The app is located on the student's desktop.  Assignments for the day will be posted by 9 am and will include a morning message.  I will be availble to assist students and deliver lessons vitually from 9 am to 3 pm.  I will also schedule times to check in with individual students and small groups.  Students may complete assignments at any time, but I encourage them to create a consistant daily schedule at home so work doesn't linger...like smelly fish.

    Grades are posted daily on SIS.  I am relying on parent and student feedback to make sure I am meeting the needs of all students.  Parents please contact me via email.  Students please communicate via Teams.


    No BOARD CAMPERS!!!!  If you need some extra ideas at home, there are a lot of resources on the internet...just google it.  I also recommend the following:

    1 - Coding - contact me for the student's code.org log-in, or visit Mrs. Westrop's website at JR Smith.  She has some great coding games.

    2 - Art - our Art Teacher, Miss Elizabeth Brown is committed to keeping cool art projects on her website during this time.  She has also made a page where students in the district can post thei art.  Visit her website at JR Smith.

    3 - Board Games and puzzles!!!!!

    4 - Older kids make "schools" for younger kids

    5 - Make obstacle courses, time each other, and try to break your records.

    6 - Go to GoNoodle and learn a dance.  

    7 - Work on math facts and typing speed - there are resources on my webpage.

    8 - Write a movie script and them film it on your ipad - be sure to share it with your teacher!

    9 - Follow a recipe to make something wonderful.  Take a picture and share it with the class.

    10 - Write a journal each day so you can share this time with your future children.

    11 - Check out Mrs. Segura's web page for extension and enrichment activities.  She is our GATE teacher.

    12 - Explore on Google Earth - there are virtual field trips and activities.

    13 - Listen to an audio book on Epic Reading or Audible.com (https://stories.audible.com/discovery)

    Rules for Microsoft Teams

    1. School Hours for Teams are 9 to 3.
    2. No going on Teams before 8 am. It has been annoying!
    3. Everyone should try to check in to Teams around 9 am to check assignments for the day.
    4. There will be a morning announcement assigned each day that students should complete first.
    5. All questions and comments must be written in complete sentences. No emojis or gifs on Camper Chat.
    6. If you would like to call me on Teams, please ask in a chat first so I can make sure it is a good time.
    7. Small chat groups will be set up by me each day.  Use that chat group to get help on assignments and check-in with classmates. 
    8. If your chat group can't help, go to the Camp Chat and ask me for help.  These groups will change often, so you have a chance to check in with everyone in our class.
    9. ALL communication is respectful and KIND!! 
    10. After school Team use should be approved by parents.


    Digital Citizenship

    Remember: TRIM

    T- TIME. Set a reasonable amount of time for your child to be using their iPad. Many teachers are setting up “Office Hours” in which they will be available for students. This is typically from 9am-4pm. Beyond this time, you must decide with your child if they really need the iPad. You can set their status to “Do Not Disturb” during this time to encourage other students not to contact them.

    R-Report. Report any inappropriate or excessive use of iPads to the child’s teacher. It is helpful if you can take a screenshot of what was said or sent and send this to the teacher. Please send it in a private message, just to the teacher, and they will handle the situation.

    I-Involved. Be involved as much as you can in this online experience for your child. Help them with their homework, ask them who they are chatting with, what they have learned that day, etc. Your involvement will help them academically as well as emotionally. 

    M-Monitor. The district has access to an app called “Screenguide”. Using this app, you can monitor what your child is doing on their iPad. You can download the app here: https://screen.guide/. Students can create their own chat channels that we as teachers do not have access to. It is important that you monitor who your child is talking to, how often, and what they are saying. We hope this resource will be used only for good, but we do not have control over all aspects of it.