• Share your art!  We want to see what you are creating at home!  Use this link to padlet to post your own art and to see others from around the valley!

    WCSD Art Gallery 

    Disney Animator Micheal Woodside is doing daily YouTube videos of how to draw Disney Characters- he is funny and entertaining.  He also gives you a glimpse of what it is like to work as an animator for Disney.  I haven't put and YouTube links on my website becasue students cannot access them with their devices.  However, this would be a great opportunity as a whole family!  My sister in law draws everyday with her kindergartener and 5th grader to his draw along videos.  They are loving it!

    Micheal Woodside, Disney Animator 

  • If you are looking for the Earth Day Project: The Earth Day Project



    Please join us in showing our support and THANKS to our local Health Care Heroes by Painting Rocks for the month of MAY!

    At all the Elementary Schools in Wasatch County there is a sign and a box either at the main enterance or where students are picking up lunches for students to dropoff painted rocks.  I will pick up the rocks and place them at the hospital every Thursday.  We want to create something that will make our Health Care workers SMILE as they enter and leave the hospital.  I will post pictures on the various school Facebook pages after we place them outside the hospital.  

    Please paint the rocks with:

    * something that makes you happy

    * something that will make someone else happy

    * something inspiring!



    Hello! My name is Ms. Liz Brown.  I am the BTSALP (Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program) Visual Arts Specialist.  I teach at Old Mill, Daniels Canyon, JR Smith and Midway.  Art is proven to be able to reduce stress and promote creative thinking.  I want to provide lessons and resources for ART opportunities at home.  I will be adding content daily (I will put the newest resources at the top of the pages).  PLEASE KNOW THIS IS OPTIONAL -use as much or as little as is helpful for your children and your families.  

    In the tabs for grade level lesson ideas I will post mostly lessons that require nothing more than a pencil and crayons.  However, in the "More Art Resources" I will post ideas that will use things from around the house (like tin foil sculptures) to other art supplies some families may have access to.  Many museums are offering virtual museum tours.  In that tab I will provide direct links to those museums as well as discussion prompts and other resources for looking at works fo art.  In the Stop Motion Animation tab I will post information on how to get started if you want to try stop motion.  There are lots of free apps for iphones that students could use to make a stop motion video.