• The Great and Wonderful Mrs. Baird


    Greetings! My name is Heather Baird and I am one of the special education/resource teachers at Wasatch High School; I love being a part of the WHS Family! This year I am starting my 7th year in the school district and my 5th year at Wasatch High School. I graduated in 2013 with my B.S. in Mild/Moderate Special Education, in 2016 with my MEd in Learning and Technology and at the end of January 2021 I will be graduating with my MS in Educational Leadership (after this, I intend to be finished punishing myself and I will move on to becoming a real adult). I have a great passion for equity in education and advocacy for struggling learnings.

    I live here in the Wasatch Valley with my awesome hubbs, KJ and our two mutts! We love taking our inner children on spoiled vacations to Disneyland and Disney World. We also enjoy spending time with our family in the area and enjoying the beautiful outdoors here. 

    I am a really big book and movie buff. More often than not, I am in the middle of a great book or bingeing my favorite sitcoms. I also love to write poetry and I am working on writing my first collection/manuscript for publication (fingers crossed publishers thinks it's as awesome as I do)!

    If you have any questions you can reach my be email or phone:

    email: heather.baird@wasatch.edu

    Phone: 435-671-0640 ext 3830