• Picture of Mrs. North
    Name: Whitnee North
    Email Address: whitnee.north@wasatch.edu
    Phone number: (435) 654-0640 ext. 3798

    This is my thirteenth year teaching, eleven of those years have been in Wasatch school district. I previously taught keyboarding and business classes throughout the district, but the last two years have been teaching Business and Marketing classes at Wasatch High School. 
    I grew up in the Heber valley and am a graduate of Wasatch High School. I loved my high school business classes so much that I decided that is what I wanted to do when I grew up!  After graduating from Wasatch High School, I earned my BS degree in Business and Marketing Education from Utah Valley University in 2009. I have also completed a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Utah Valley University as well as an endorsement in Family and Consumer Science.
    All of my course information is listed in canvas, so check there for additional details or information pertaining to a specific class or assignment.
    If you have any questions feel free to call or email me! 

  • Accounting I

    Accounting I Canvas Course

    Students will develop skills, beginning with an understanding of the basic elements and concepts of double-entry accounting systems related to service businesses organized as a sole proprietorship. Skills include understanding the accounting equation, analyzing business transactions, entering transactions in journals, posting to ledgers, compiling end-of-period financial statements, preparing closing entries, and managing cash.

  • Business Office Professional

    Business Office Professional Canvas Page

    This course applies advanced concepts and principles using word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and electronic presentation software.  Students will integrate applications learned.  This course builds on skills included in Digital Literacy.

  • Economics

    Economics Canvas Course

    Economics is an introductory course which studies the operation of a mixed market system, including production, domestic and global trade, and labor-management economics. Includes business cycles and monetary and fiscal policies designed to modify those cycles.

  • Financial Literacy

    Financial Literacy Canvas Course

    The General Financial Literacy course for juniors and seniors encompasses standards that are essential to the development of basic financial literacy. Students will gain the information and skills to implement a life-long plan for financial success. Financial Literacy is a graduation requirement.