• Hey! I'm Marlee Davis! I currently teach painting, advanced painting, and art foundations here at Wasatch High School. I am a proud graduate of Wasatch High School and I am crazy excited to be back! I married my husband, Ray, in 2009 and we have 2 crazy kiddos, Brielle and Carter. In 2018 graduated from Utah Valley University with my Bachelor of Science in Art & Design with a minor in Art History. 

    The number one thing I hear when telling people this is my first year is "Wow! what a year to start teaching huh?!" and isn't that the dang truth?! Pandemics, earthquakes, a civil unrest, and a major presidential election!? 2020 is defiantly one for the history books and no-one really knows how this is going to go. However, it is my goal this year to make my classes and my classroom a haven for the students at WHS. This year is going to be tough for everyone but I intend to make my little spot a breath of fresh air (even through a mask!) and a peaceful space in this chaotic time. Sure, we will learn about the building blocks of art and all the technical jargon that comes with painting and drawing but what really I hope is that each student who walks though my classroom doors feels a sense of belonging and that for a whole 90 minutes they get to forget the outside world and just create awesome art.

    “Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Marlee Davis
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