My name is Miss Sweat, I am a first year teacher here at Wasatch. I love the Heber Valley and graduated from Wasatch High School 4 years ago. Agriculture is something I am very passionate about and I have extensive background in. My family has a small farm and ranch where I gained a love for good horses, cows, and dogs. Since graduating I attended Snow College and Utah State and was able to further my agriculture experience. I worked at a registered hereford cattle operation, the USU Sheep and Goat Farm as well as a year at the USU Equine Facility. Some of my other background includes participating on the USU Equestrian Team and playing vet tech as I would spend time with my sister who works as a Vet for USU.


     I will be teaching Agriculture Classes, specifically Animal Science, Vet Science, and Ag Biology.


     I am so excited to be able to share my passion and knowledge about agriculture!

    My email is emili.sweat@wasatch.edu




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