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    Family and Consumer Sciences

    I am so excited to be teaching Family and Consumer Sciences this year! I am luck this year to be able to teach four amazing classes: Foods and Nutrition 1, Foods and Nutriton 2, Culinary Arts/Pro-start 1, and Child Development. These are all amazing classes that will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful family members, college and career professionals and contributing citizens. I can't wait for us to learn together. 

    If you have any questions or concerns please reach out, I would love to help!

    My email: danielle.nadauld@wasatch.edu


    Course Descriptions:

    Foods and Nutrition 1: Together we will be exploring the science behind food, proper ways to prepare and enjoy food, and participate in various lab and hands-on activities that will give us the health and nutrition understanding to put us on the pathway to career readiness. Welcome fellow chef's!

    Foods and Nutrition 2: In this class we are going to learn with hands-on labs to explore food preparation, sports nutrition, consumerism and career options in the food industry. I cannot wait to see what delicious recipes we cook this year!

    Culinary Arts/Prostart 1: During this course, we will be exploring and practicing safety and sanitation, commercial food service equipment maintenance, and quantity food preparation in relation to catering, bakery, restaurant, hospitality, and fast food business operations. This one takes a group effort to explore the hundres of possibilities. 

    Child Development: This class looks at the at the growth and development of children through hands-on activities, active observations, large group discussion and lab experiences. I am excited to explore the science and psychology behind children, and look into the facts of what makes us each who we are!

    All course information, homework, etc. will be distributed through Canvas. 


    Canvas Courses:

    Foods and Nutrition 1

    Foods and Nutrition 2

    Culinary Arts/ Prostart 1

    Child Development


    Parent Observer Tutorials: 



    Teacher Bio:

    As mentioned before, I am so excited to be teaching you this year! I grew up in Bountiful, Utah, in a home with five sisters and one brother who were ALL my very best friends. Together we enjoyed boating, camping, playing card games and board games, laughing, and doing pretty much anything together. From a very young age I loved to cook. I have so many fond memories of sitting up at the counter helping and watching my mom cook. I'll ALWAYS remember family dinner together around the table, enjoying good food, and quality time together. I sure do love food! Some of my other passions include sewing, cooking, music, water skiing, exploring, and most importantly spending quality time with good people. 

    I also love to play the piano, sing, and all the way until college I loved to dance! Once I graduated High School, I attended Brigham Young University (GO COUGS!) and jumped right in to studying Family and Consumer Sciences! I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and what better subject than the one with all the thins I love! I met my husband, Gavin, in High School and we just had our first wedding anniversary. He is currently attending BYU, studying Accounting. Together, Gavin and I love to ride horses, camp, fish, paint, cook, and enjoy all the time we can get outside. I just graduated last year (2020), and I am excited for this next journey. I can't wait to learn together. 


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