• Welcome Second Graders!

  • Hello, Midway wranglers! 

    I am beyond excited to be teaching at Midway Elementary this year! I have a deep love and appreciation for this beautiful Midway Valley, and feel honored to teach the next generation of Midway students. 

    I was lucky to be raised in the outstanding Midway City. Growing up in Wasatch county has sparked my love for anything that gets me outside. I also really enjoy the arts, especially dancing and singing. My free time is taken up with reading, and spending time with my husband. One important thing about me is that I love teaching, and can not wait for the school year to begin. 

    As a teacher, it is my goal to make each student feel loved, valued, empowered and capable of success. If there is any information you can give me about your child to accomplish these goals please do so! 

    I hope you have had a marvelous vacation, and I am excited to see you soon!

    Mrs. Passey

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  • If you have any questions please contact me!