• Welcome to the Fifth Grade Page!

    We are excited to embark on this new adventure with you!

    Your student already knows some of the ways to take care of their iPads but here is a reminder for them:  

    1. iPad must be on a table, please don’t put them on a chair or the floor where they could be stepped on.
    2. Keep the iPad indoors.
    3. Walk with your iPad, holding it with two hands.
    4. No food or drink around while you are using it.
    5. Parents monitor your child when they are using the iPad.
    6. Keeping the iPad in your room and not in your child’s room at night or at times that it is not in use is a good way to monitor the iPad.


    Here are some "May Dos" if you are looking for a little something extra to do. Go check them out!

    Announcements from Mr. Thorne

         Scroll to the bottom of the school page until you see a photo of Mr. Thorne to find the daily announcements.

    A Message from Mr. Whitmore

    Get Movin' with Ms. Huntsman

    A Visit to the Library with Ms. Evans

       18-19 4th MESLibrary OneNote (Yes, this is for 5th)

    Art Fun with Ms. Brown


    If you have questions or concerns, please contact your studnet's teacher, we are here to help!