Midway Elementary 2nd Grade

  • Welcome 2nd Grade Wranglers (and Parents)!

    We are so excited for this adventure that lay ahead for you as students, your parents, and us as your teachers.  This is a time that we will ALL remember forever and ever, so embrace it and enjoy.  We will have many exciting lessons for you to complete while you are at home.  Now, with your parents permission, everyday can be pajama day while you learn and do your school work.

    Our days are going to continue just as if you were in your classroom, except now you get to have all of us teach you.  We know you will work hard just like you do everyday, you are the best second graders afterall.  We are asking you to set aside time each day to do your assignments, you NEED to set aside time each day to do your assignments.  This is not a vacation from school, instead it is a different way of learning while still showing what you know.  When we come back to our classrooms, we will pick right up where we leave off here and you won't want to be behind.

    Now for what we expect and you can expect. 

    • MUST DO Work: Each day you will find about three hours of must do work that we expect you to complete.
      • Language Arts (Reading): This will be about two of your three hours.
        • You may find lessons/activities for...
          • Shared Reading
          • Phonics
          • Writing
          • Read Aloud
          • Independent Activities (These are the things that students would typically be doing during centers or workstations.)
      • Math: This will be about one of your three hours.
        • You may find lessons/activities for...
          • Fluency
          • Review of Previously Learned Concepts
          • Lesson
          • Practice
      • Spanish Language: DUAL IMMERSION ONLY
    • MAY DO Work: If you want to do more learning, you can visit the may do tab.

    We appreciate all that you are doing to continue your learning.  If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas we hope you will let us know...we want to hear them.  Thank you, thank you for all of your support thus far and to come.

    We love you and we miss you,

    Mr. Ailshie, Maestro Fernandez, Ms. Gardner, and Miss Mitchell

    Keep Riding for the Brand!